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Is your luggage really that smart?

Is your luggage really that smart?

There are a lot of products claiming to be “smart luggage” but really what you end up paying for is ordinary luggage marked up hundreds of dollars and potentially including subscription fees, and all you get is a tracking chip. AirBolt, for a tiny fraction of that price, actually and definitively transforms your own luggage into smart luggage.

Let’s take a quick look at each of these AirBolt smart luggage lock features

Control AirBolt with your smartphone. Yes, that small thing in your pocket can access and control the entire range of AirBolt features, from thousands of miles away if necessary. Or use your tablet, netbook, laptop, etc.

Backup Button Unlock. In case your smartphone runs out of juice or you’re in an exotic, offline location, enter your combination into AirBolt with your hands. It’s like going back in time!

Track and locate missing luggage. So they lost your luggage? No problem for you, because you can track your AirBolt using its crowdsourced GPS – recovery is typically a fraction of the time compared to without GPS. Bummer for them, because they have to refund any baggage fees and probably kick in some free vouchers or frequent flyer miles… but you still get your bags!

Customisable security settings. Your AirBolt warns you if it senses that you have strayed too far away from you.

Lock/unlock history log. Keep track of and review when your AirBolt has been locked and unlocked.

Charge the battery as little as once a year. You don’t have to worry about the battery going out when you least expect it.

TSA accepted. Travel security knows all about AirBolt and they approve!

Now isn’t that better than paying hundreds of dollars for a tracking chip? We think so.

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