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How Smart Luggage Is Changing Travel

How Smart Luggage Is Changing Travel

The scenario is a familiar one for frequent travellers. You get to your destination, ready for a vacation you’ve been looking forward to for months, and it’s derailed before it even gets started when your long wait at the luggage carousel turns into a long, bleak process of trying to recover your lost luggage.

The truth is, lost luggage is not just a nightmare for you, it’s a too-frequent occurrence that also costs the airlines big. So how is that changing? “Smart luggage” is making it easier to track and recover misplaced luggage.

The idea behind smart luggage is simple: a GPS transponder is included in the luggage and the unique signal can be traced online, usually through a subscription service. It’s changing the way travellers and airlines interact in cases of lost luggage, and making it much more likely that travellers can find and recover their luggage. This benefits travellers and the airlines… and there’s room for more.

But… Is Smart Luggage Even That Smart?

What’s really amazing to consider is that what’s being touted as smart luggage typically doesn’t offer much more functionality than GPS tracking and location. There’s a huge price tag and subscription fees attached to this service, but its not a particularly massive jump in technology, convenience, or benefits.

Now compare AirBolt, which does offer significant and unique benefits, added convenience, and a versatile technology solution. Maybe the most important point is: AirBolt is a fraction of the cost of so-called smart luggage. It’s easy to see why travellers are so excited. AirBolt is the debut of a device that lives up to the hype and actually makes your luggage smart!

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