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Have You Heard? AirBolt Wins for Good Design Selection!

Have You Heard? AirBolt Wins for Good Design Selection!

Can we humblebrag for a moment?

We put a lot of hard work, inspiration and perspiration into the AirBolt. (Yes, everyone loves Einstein).

So maybe we weren’t that surprised when it was announced that we are a Good Design Selection Award WINNER for 2017. We made the AirBolt to stand out from the crowd and look amazing.  It was also designed to work, not just look good. We actually had a 5-fold plan into what we were designing with our innovative smart lock.  At each level, we had a brief to meet and a goal to hit, so that we knew we were manufacturing an awesome little piece of travel hardware.

  1. AirBolt had to be completely new, yet strangely familiar. We could have completely overhauled the look of what a little travel lock was meant to be.  However, we didn’t want to.  We want you to take a look at the AirBolt and think, “Hey that’s a pretty cool lock” and reach out to learn more about it.
  2. It had to be simple. We want to make sure that there are no more keys to lose, or combinations to forget.  Once you pair your AirBolt to your phone with Bluetooth, then in a push of a button, it’s unlocked.  Don’t worry, we’ve thought about low batteries, or missing phones too. There are buttons on the front of the AirBolt that can be used to tap your unique combination and access your luggage.
  3. The AirBolt had to be Smartly versatile. Security is an issue in so many places.  So, we designed the AirBolt to lock so many things, your gym locker, your messenger bag, anything you want.  You can  view its history on your app, and even give you proximity alerts.  This is great if you forget your bag behind, or if someone walks away with it.  With its crowd-sourced GPS, you might even be able to find who took it, or where you left it.
  4. The AirBolt had to have world-class manufacturing. It has a solid and rugged outer metal case and a stainless-steel rope.  This gives the AirBolt the strength that is expected from a quality security device.  It was also made to be weather-proof and can handle the all-weather conditions that luggage is exposed to as it travels from airport to airport.  Our stringent Quality Assurance program ensures the product is manufactured to exact specifications.
  5. The AirBolt needed to fly anywhere. Our design meant that it meets stringent TSA and FCC requirements and is CE certified.  This means that should you be travelling to a place with strict entry protocol, they can get into your bags safely, without the destruction of your AirBolt.  It even records TSA access history so you know when this happens.  This makes your bag impervious to rifling.

So, as you can see, we took our design very seriously, and are so pleased that the Good Design  Jury could see our vision and reward our efforts.

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