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Have You Got An AirBolt Yet?

Have You Got An AirBolt Yet?

Have you got an AirBolt yet?  The wildly popular and award-winning AirBolt is certainly getting attention all around the world, and we want everyone to get one.  You don't need to hold a frequent flyer card or travel world-wide to use an AirBolt to it's full potential.

The AirBolt was born out of a need to make accessing a secured bag easier, without keys or confusing combinations.  However, when we sat down and designed it, we made sure to add a full range of valuable functionality beyond the sphere of frequent airline travel.

Simply put, we designed the AirBolt to be used anywhere.  It's perfect for the gym or yoga bag, especially when its the type of gym without a locker room and everyone just throws their bag on a shelf.  You can lock your bag with your AirBolt and monitor everything from your smart phone.  If you're lucky enough to have a locker room, the AirBolt slips perfectly through the lock space and you're good to go.

Ever worried about your office or dorm situation?  The AirBolt easily locks up "borrowed" gear, you could even be a little cheeky and slip one through the holes in a plug for the charger that goes walkabout, put one on the tea container that you brought in that isn't for sharing, or put it on the zipper of your lunch bag to keep the sandwich thief from "sharing" your lunch.  Did you know the AirBolt logs access to the lock?  Use an AirBolt on the supplies cabinet, but freely give out the back-up passcode (a series of left and right pushes on the AirBolt pad) and you can monitor how many times it is accessed and when.  So many options in one amazing Smart Lock.

So what we are saying, if you haven't gotten your AirBolt yet because you aren't sure you are going to use it... You're going to use it everywhere all the time.  So why wait, get your AirBolt today and we'll even give you 25% off all month long.  Use the code FIRSTTIME to get your discount.  (Not a first-time customer? Shhhh, we won't tell...)

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