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Got A Favourite AirBolt?

Got A Favourite AirBolt?

As much as we have designed the AirBolt to be the World's Best Smart Lock, we've also designed it to be aesthetically pleasing and very fashionable.  That aim not only garnered us a coveted "Good Design Award" in 2017, it has also created a sense of "favouritism" with our AirBolt users, especially those who have multiple AirBolts.

We get emails all the time from users saying things like, "I love my Persian Pink AirBolt for locking my handbag when I'm away from my desk in the office." to  "I use my Bondi Blue for the gym, but like the Monza Red when I travel - that way I'm sure that basic black suitcase on the carousel is mine."

Even in the AirBolt office, we've got those who love their Amazon Green the best, but reach for the Champagne for their luggage, not for the gym bag.  So we ask you - what's your favourite?

Is it the bright and bubbly Persian Pink, popping like a sweet pashmak?  Is it the Bondi Blue bringing the beach wherever you go?  Maybe you like to sparkle with sophistication like the Champagne, or look for adventure with the Amazon Green?  Perhaps you prefer the classic Cape Cod Grey in it's sleek dark body, or maybe the Monza Red gets your engine running? 

Whatever your favourite, we love that you love your AirBolt.  If you want a new favourite, we've got them for 30% off right now.  Use this code to have it automatically applied!

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