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These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

There are just so many features to love about the AirBolt.  Every single one of our features was carefully planned, with many revisits to the drawing board to get everything perfect.  We wanted our AirBolt to find that perfect balance of a good looking consumer device with great functionality.  We think we succeeded... Well, we know we succeeded, we won a Good Design Award last year.  (Yes, we are still pretty excited about that!)



So what do you worry about when you travel? 

  • Is it having someone take a sneaky peek through your bag? Well, our Bluetooth wireless locking and unlocking means that security is only a push of a button away.  And don't worry, if you accidentally unlock it, it will auto-relock after a few seconds.  Our locks are TSA enabled, so the right people can get in, and you'll have access to your log if every time the bag is unlocked!
  • Is it losing your checked baggage? We have crowd-sourced GPS which means if you mark your bag as missing, our network will search for it.  You can also see the last known location.  We have a very long life Li-Ion battery which means you don't have to worry the battery will die whilst on-route either.
  • Is it that someone will carry off your overhead bag or satchel while you aren't looking?  Our proximity alarm will alert you if you or your bag get too far away from each other, and the GPS will mark it's last location.

So then, what's your favourite features?  If you ask us, "All of them" is the answer!  If you have any of the above worries, get yourself an AirBolt now!

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