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Exploring The World

Exploring The World

The AirBolt has been a labour of love over (nearly) the past three years.  From our founder's frustrating moment of concept (spending an hour trying to unlock his luggage, slowly number by number), to the amazing reception of our Kickstarter campaign, even winning a Good Design Award in 2017 - we've loved every moment. 

This month, we've been featured on Mashable, and upon checking our our online mentions, we've found another great review by Player Magazine located in Hungary.  Now, we don't speak Hungarian, but we had one of our AirBolt friends translate for us, and they like us, they really, really like us!

We made the AirBolt to take the stress out of travel, and we really do get the warm fuzzies when we see people using our product and recommending an AirBolt to their friends and family.  We'll continue to experiment, refine and design, and bring you the very best!

Do you speak Hungarian? Check out Player's review

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