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End of the Financial Year!

End of the Financial Year!

If you've seen our ads, and you've been wondering why we are offering "End of the Financial Year" sales, well that is because Australia is a little weird.  The AirBolt is a company from Melbourne, one of the "World's Most Livable Cities" located in the southern state of Victoria.

We love our lucky country (and our cultural and metropolitan city) but with the notable exceptions of Japan and New Zealand, we do pick the middle of the year to pay our taxes and close our books, and do our stocktakes. (Here is some trivia you can wow your co-workers and friends with.)  So, the more you buy, the less we have to count... (Our interns will thank you.)

Our weird calendar is your opportunity! Right now you can pick up your AirBolts at 20% off. Whether you want 1, or 50 (for the whole office, right?) you can 20% off your entire order.  Just use the code "air20" when you get to the checkout screen.

Make sure you check out before midnight on June 30th to get the deal.

Happy End of Financial Year!


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