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How Much Do I Love Thee?

How Much Do I Love Thee?

Well, the AirBolt loves all of you so much that we want to help you out this Valentine's Day.  We know the expectations - diamonds, champagne, maybe a bended knee, and certainly rose petals.  Real life though - that's all about forgetting it's a special day until you're just about home.  Then it's a tire squeal into the closest servo for a pack of Tim Tams and the freshest bouquet of carnations that you spy. (Translation from the Australian - chocolates and flowers from the gas station).

Why do that to your loved one and yourself? Instead show them how much you care with an AirBolt.  An AirBolt says, "Babe, I want you to be safe because I love you and care about you."  That's certainly enough to get the heart a-fluttering.  Even better, the crowd-sourced GPS says that you don't want their bags to get lost. The Bluetooth app controls say that you want things to be easy for them while they travel.  The proximity alarms say that you want their bag to stay safe.  The TSA enabled body says that you want them to have an easy time through customs.

Wow, all this love and caring has given us the warm fuzzies.  Well you know what that means - A DISCOUNT FOR EVERYONE!  Use code LOVE18 at checkout and get 10% off your entire purchase.  Get one for yourself too - nothing wrong with a little self care.  Buy more than 2 - hey, we won't tell...

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