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Bad News Brexit

Bad News Brexit

The United Kingdom is the 6th biggest tourist destination in the world with over 39 million visits every year.  In this year's AirBolt's poll of top dreamt about location, UK destinations made our Top 20.  So it comes as a big worry to world traveller's about what a "no-deal" Brexit strategy could mean between the United Kingdom and the European Union.

Travel experts are warning that land and air travel between the UK and the EU could be in trouble, with coach operators potentially losing the right to travel to the EU.  Along with extra visas and increased security, holiday makers could fall into a potential land mine of extra hassles.  For those interested in tours that are based out of the UK, and propose to explore the rest of Europe, this could be a problem.

One of the AirBolt's top travel tips is "Be Prepared" for stress-free travel.  So we encourage any one who may be making holiday or business travel after March 2019 to call their tour company or travel agent and check the terms and conditions of their provider. The government is also advising UK operators to consider alternative options such as allowing travel between EU providers to prevent falling victim to blocked travel.

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