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AirBolt Is A Stress Free Travel Accessory

AirBolt Is A Stress Free Travel Accessory

Peace of Mind Is Being Prepared

Traveling is probably one of the most stressful things that you can do.

It starts with good intentions.  You need to fly out for work.  You need some time to “de-stress”.  Why is it that to be “destressed” you first have to be so stressed? When we designed the AirBolt, it was with that stress level in mind.  We wanted to create a travel accessory to keep your trip stress free.  Here we give you two scenarios:

Scenario One

Bill is fighting for a promotion.  He’s done good work, and delivered it on time.  His immediate boss notices and thinks it’s time for Bill to step up.  He tells Bill that he is sending him to London to make a pitch to some big clients.  Bill is pretty stoked.  He spends a week staying up all night designing the perfect pitch.  Bill has designed the best presentation and his packets look amazing.  He is sure to win the deal.

Bill shows up to the airport two hours early.  He has his shoulder bag, and has packed his presentation gear in with his clothes.  As Bill goes to check in, the agent notices his hand luggage and asks to see it.  Oh no!  The bag is too big and too heavy.  This is a packed flight and they want to check as much luggage as they can.  Bill tries to shift what he can to his shoulder bag, but must leave his projector and charts in his bag.  It should be ok though, he’s early.

Bill gets off in London and heads to the carousel.  There is a hug crowd waiting to grab their luggage.  He watches the carousel go round and round, but his luggage never comes out.  Bill is now in a panic!  He was planning on doing his slide show from his iPad and the connection equipment was in his bag!  His projector and notes were in his bag!

Scenario Two

After Bill got passed over for his promotion, he’s been in a slump.  His boss has been coming down pretty hard on him.  His lovely partner decides to surprise him with a long weekend in Bali.  Bill knows he needs to destress so he agrees to 4 days at the beach, and wants a cocktail in each hand.

The night before the flight, he and his partner decide to start the holiday a little early.  They were already packed but woke up late.  They scurry to the airport with barely enough time to check in their bags for international departures.  After a lengthy wait through security, they make it to their gate, with no time for even a coffee!

The flight is packed full of holiday makers and kids and Bill is not feeling the peace.  Since he was passed on his promotion his partner booked a budget airline, and forgot to prepay for food and drinks.  This was not the start he wanted!  As he and his partner line up at the carousel, his bag doesn’t come out the other side.  However, his partner’s did though.

It Could have been different!

Sure, having an AirBolt on your bag doesn’t mean that the luggage handlers are sure to pack your bags on the plane.  However, these scenarios could have easily been different.

In the first scenario, once Bill got on board, he could have checked to see if his AirBolt linked up to his phone.  If so, he would have known right away if his bag made it.  If not, he could have started making his back-up plans on the way to his meeting.  Also, he could have contacted a copy company and emailed his presentation package to be printed and picked up on his way to the meeting.  He could have notified an assistant to make arrangements for the right cables to be available, and if a projector was on site.  Bill could have walked off that plane confident that he was in charge, and stress free from the experience.

While on vacation Bill and his partner could be able to check when the bag was last seen and if the crowd-sourced GPS was available, if it was on its way.  Bill could then make arrangements for the airline to send his bag to his hotel, or to just wait if it was on its way.  As a result, this would have kept the trip stress free.

No matter the outcome, the AirBolt gives you a little peace of mind about your luggage.  Why panic or stress when are in the know?

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