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AirBolt Card Works with the Apple's Find My

AirBolt Card Works with the Apple's Find My

AirBolt Bluetooth Card Tracker Now Integrated with Apple's Find My Network

Today, we're thrilled to announce that the new version of the AirBolt Bluetooth Card Tracker has seamlessly integrated with the Apple Find My Network. This means users can effortlessly track their valuables using the AirBolt Bluetooth Card via the Apple Find My App.

The AirBolt Bluetooth Card is a state-of-the-art tracker harnessing the power of Bluetooth® technology. It's designed to help users pinpoint the location of their personal belongings using the Apple Find My app on their iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac. Its slim and sleek design ensures that users can secure their items without any hassle.

Find My Network Welcomes AirBolt

Apple extended the Find My Network to third-party manufacturers last year. This which means users can locate many non-Apple devices with the Find My-enable tags in the same way you can locate your Apple devices. However, only a select few third-party devices made the cut, and we're proud to say the AirBolt Bluetooth Card is among them.

With the integration, the AirBolt Bluetooth Card can now leverage Apple's vast and secure network, which includes hundreds of millions of devices globally. This network, known for its robust encryption and top-tier security, ensures users can locate their items with confidence, knowing their privacy is intact.

AirBolt card tracker device

Never Lose Sight of Your Valuables

With the AirBolt Bluetooth Card in your arsenal, misplacing items becomes a thing of the past. Its advanced tracking capabilities paired with its outstanding performance make locating items a breeze. Given its compact size, users can slip it into wallets, attach it to laptops, or any other item they wish to track. And weighing in at just a few grams, it's incredibly lightweight.

Much like other premium trackers, the AirBolt Bluetooth Card boasts a long-lasting  battery. And for those moments when you know your item is close but just out of sight, the card's audible alert feature will guide you right to it.

AirBolt Bluetooth card tracker

The Journey Continues

AirBolt recognizes that the integration with Apple's Find My Network is not just an endorsement of our product's quality but also a testament to our technological prowess. This collaboration not only enhances the user experience but also offers consumers a wider array of top-notch choices. It also refines the Find My Network's capabilities, ensuring users get the best out of the platform.

As more trusted third-party manufacturers like AirBolt join the fray, Apple's Find My ecosystem is set to expand even further. This will undoubtedly make item tracking more precise, minimizing the chances of users losing their belongings.

Our journey with the Apple Find My Network is far from over. We're committed to innovating and introducing more reliable Find My-enabled products like the AirBolt Bluetooth Card. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from our end!

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