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Bizarre Travel

Bizarre Travel

Instagram Masters take note, there is more to amazing travel than just beautiful sunsets or artfully posed yoga selfies.  The real Instagram Masters know the best content comes from the truly bizarre.


To find truly fantastic travel, you’ve got to know where to look.  You don’t have to head out across unbeaten paths, but you’ve got to look carefully.  For example, as a Chinese New Year promotion, a hotel in Hangzhou China hosted a “human hotpot.”  Yes, that’s right.  If you are brave enough, you too can soak in a beautiful hot soup while munching your way to bliss.

If steeping yourself in a people-soup really isn’t your forte, how about becoming a “toilet tourist”?  All you have to do is seek out the public toilets in your travels and take pictures of the most interesting ones.  There is even an award for the country with the best and weirdest public toilets – New Zealand was the overall winner in 2018, with Switzerland taking the top nod with a James-Bond style toilet to visit.  New Zealand is taking the award seriously, spending serious tourist dollars to design the world’s best public dunnies.

If you really want to take a trip for the most interesting reason, how about visiting the grave of Callum DeVillier?  This trip will take you to the American mid-western city of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  While you wander the cemetery, you’ll notice the graves of the inventor of the Snickers candy bar, and the ukulele-wielding Tiny Tim.  Eventually you’ll come to Callum – recognised for his amazing achievement of “World Champion Marathon Dancer. 3780 Continuous Hours.”  Yes, this man danced for 5 continuous months for the prize of $1000, a considerable sum in 1933.  He was clearly proud of his achievement (as she should be) and designed his own headstone.

So, where would you go in search of the most interesting travel destinations?  Have you packed your AirBolt and found something truly amazing and unique?  Head to our Facebook and let us know!

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