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5 Must Have Travel Accessories

5 Must Have Travel Accessories

You don’t need an incredible amount of “stuff” to have a great travel experience.

Some people can pack better than others, they can travel the globe with a single pair of underwear, a backpack and a reusable water bottle.  Others like to take it all, with lots of bags, changes of clothes, and a “just in case” stashed in there.  However you travel, accessories will make you life a whole lot easier!

We’ve out together this list of the “must have” travel accessories of 2017.  No  matter what kind of traveler you are, you’ll love these.

  1. This may be a little iPhone-centric, but you should definitely have one of these in your pocket if you are on a trip!  The handy Lightening to USB Adapter lets you download your camera pics straight to your iPhone or iPad so your Instagram shots can look seriously pro.
  2. Forget those tiny little power bars for your phone. This one takes the mother load!  This power charger will charge your iPhone over 6 times before you need to plug it in.  It does take around 8 hours to recharge the bar itself, but who cares when you can recharge your laptop up to full power?  This is the perfect gadget for the business traveler that finds themselves bouncing from place to place. Anyone who uses their laptop on the plane and then jumps straight into a boardroom will find it useful. It’s also perfect for backpackers, who are often stuck without a reliable way to charge their phone.
  3. Most of us like to stay “plugged in” when we travel abroad.  We have our phones, tablets, cameras, chargers, memory cards, usb cables… and more!  You often have no choice about carrying all these items when you are a business traveler,. There is nothing worse than reaching inside your carry-on and pulling up a handful of messy and knotted cables.  So you need a gadget organiser! These handy little carriers are perfect for all of those essentials you have to carry.  They can be kept in your briefcase or day bag.  Even better, they are perfect for seeing at a glance if you’ve left a cable plugged in your hotel room somewhere.  If there is a slot missing, you know to look for it before you check out.
  4. Let’s forget all the tech for just a moment.  What you also need is a square water bottle!  Round bottles can be a pain to shove in your bag and tote around.  We all try to think about our precious resources, and avoid using throwaway plastic bottles . When you are on a trip though, cleaning a normal water bottle can be a pain.  These bottles not only open up end to end to easily clean, but they also have a filter in the bottle for clean and tasty water wherever you go.
  5. You need to keep your luggage safe and accessible when you travel.  You know by now that you can’t always trust that your valuables will be left in your room, or they won’t be rifled through when your’re occupied.  The downside to those cheap little luggage locks is they are easy to access, and you have to carry keys around. You can use the built in combination locks, but what was that combination again?  With an award-winning AirBolt your contents are safe!  The AirBolt connects to your smart phone via Bluetooth and you lock and unlock it with the app.  This means that its harder for quick hands to get inside.  You can leave your larger luggage in your room, with anything you want to keep safe locked inside.  You can keep one of your day pack to make it harder for pickpockets or sneaky commuters to get inside the pockets.  If you happen to lose on of your bags, you can use our crowd-sourced GPS to try and find it.  There is nothing like a little peace of mind when you are on a trip!

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