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3 Common Luggage Disasters, and How AirBolt Cures Them

3 Common Luggage Disasters, and How AirBolt Cures Them

Here are three common luggage disasters that travellers face, along with the immediate and successful solutions that having AirBolt offers you.

#1 You’ve forgotten your luggage lock combination. This may be the most common luggage disaster people report to us, although that may be a bit strong of a word for the problem. You probably will need to have the lock cut off, which will necessitate buying a new one. If the lock is built into your luggage, you may need new luggage, which can be a significant expense.

AirBolt solution: You can unlock your AirBolt by using a smartphone. Or you may have set your AirBolt to unlock based on one of several options, including simple proximity to your smartphone. Simple, easy, problem solved!

#2 Your luggage has been misplaced or lost. Less common, but definitely more in the realm of nightmare disaster scenario.

AirBolt solution: You’re no longer powerless, thanks to AirBolt. Use GPS tracking to find where your luggage is and help direct the airlines search. You’ve finally got a fighting chance to get your luggage back in a timely fashion, along with the satisfaction that comes from not being helpless in that situation.

#3 TSA doesn’t like the look of your luggage locks. Sending your luggage through TSA screening with unapproved locks? What you’ll likely find at your destination is that your locks have been cut open. Not an ideal way to begin or end your travels…

The AirBolt solution is simple: we are TSA approved. AirBolt is on the list of TSA-approved luggage locks, and there should be no problem for the proper security authorities to inspect your luggage and send you on your way.

Luggage disasters typically catch you particularly vulnerable, as you’re far from home, perhaps in another jurisdiction, and assistance may not be readily available. Use AirBolt smart luggage locks to help minimise these common luggage disasters and make your travels easier and more successful.

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