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AirBolt GPS









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Welcome to the best tracking experience of your life with the AirBolt GPS Tracker. This advanced device raises the bar for navigational technology, providing pinpoint accuracy for your location data at all times. Ideal for personal belongings or business assets, the AirBolt GPS Tracker offers you the most precise, real-time tracking information and an array of useful features.

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AirBolt GPS
AirBolt GPS
AirBolt GPS
AirBolt GPS
AirBolt GPS
AirBolt GPS

Key features

USB-C Rechargeable with up to 12 months per charge

Global live tracking*

Durable & Designed to last

Small Size & Light Weight

Motion Alerts – never miss a beat!

Geofencing & Push Notifications

Water Detection Alerts

Temperature Alerts

SOS Alerts

*See country list for full coverage details in FAQ

What’s in the Box

AirBolt GPS

USB-C Charger cable

Instruction manual

1 year standard AirBolt warranty

Integrated with the rest of your tech.

Web platform

AirBolt AppAirBolt AppAirBolt AppAirBolt AppAirBolt AppAirBolt App



Normal Bluetooth trackers don’t work when out of range. Other GPS devices
are too large and suffer from major battery issues. There just are too many
problems with traditional devices. At AirBolt we have invested 4 years of our
time to get the AirBolt GPS just right. We deployed the world’s leading lower
power LTE-M/GPS chip, selected the best components and we have optimized our
software to provide the best battery life in the smallest package. The AirBolt
GPS is featured-packed and compatible with a large variety of LTE-M cellular
bands: meaning it will work in more places around the world and unlike
traditional trackers, there is no need for local variants either.

When quality comes first, production is expensive. As the saying goes, “you get
what you pay for.” We truly believe that each of our customers will appreciate
what we have made. We want to be known as the best.

Our careful attention to detail means that the AirBolt GPS lasts up to 12
months PER CHARGE (in Ultra Low Power Mode) and can fit on your keychain. It’s
unlike anything else on the market.

As mentioned, we have left no stone unturned developing the AirBolt GPS. The device uses several technologies to ensure we can provide tracking for all sorts of scenarios. The device deploys GPS/AGPS for outdoor tracking (obtaining location), LTE-M for indoor/outdoor tracking (obtaining location) + data transmission (e.g. sending information to servers/phone), and Bluetooth 5  for proximity tracking (for indoor & outdoor too).

The AirBolt GPS has the capability to switch between networks and use tracking over LTE-M with or without GPS as needed. All this technology works seamlessly to make the experience simple. Lost items are thing of the past.

In simple essence, LTE-M is the next generation low powered wide area networks as a subset of the 4G and 5G specifications. It typically provides a lower data rate but a much larger coverage range than their counterparts which is perfect for the AirBolt GPS. It also means the AirBolt GPS is future proof!

No, not at all. You can cancel your subscription at any time. As you always pay in advance for the subscription period, cancel your subscription before your current plan ends. This way, we will not renew your subscription once your current billing cycle has ended.

We do recommend that you choose to pause your subscription instead of canceling however, as it can make reactivation much easier with less time waiting for the e-sim to turn on. 


Charging the AirBolt GPS is simple. Just plug it in with the included USB-C cable and you are good to go.

Over the years the global roll out of the LTE-M network focused on IoT devices has been rapidly accelerating. This network is designed for low data, greater range but most of all massive power savings.

They allow us to keep the device connected to the network but use currents almost equivalent to sleep mode. The AirBolt GPS can track location using GPS/AGPS  with accuracy of up to +-3m

Furthermore, when it comes to providing the location in low GPS signal environments, you can use cellular backup location. This is perfect for moving objects or whilst travelling in Airports but can sacrifice accuracy

Each device is individually packed, even when ordered as part of a multi-pack. It's perfect for gifting.


AirBolt GPS devices use mobile / cellular networks to send the GPS location of your device to your smartphone/ desktop. AirBolt subscription covers the cost for data communication, assisted services and even cellular backup services and only charges a flat subscription fee. So you can track your belongings, pets and more 24/7 in over 50 countries worldwide.

Once you have received your AirBolt GPS tracker, follow the pairing instructions. You will then be able to activate your subscription via our portal. You can choose between monthly, yearly and bi-yearly as your preferred payment interval. If you have already added your GPS to your account but are yet to activate your subscription, simply visit, visit the settings page of your device and you can activate your plan from there.

Due to the constant data transfer, assistance features we provide, cellular triangulation services, geo-coding etc, AirBolt GPS trackers require a subscription fee. You will be able to activate your AirBolt subscription after you receive your device. It includes: 14 days trial + subscription fees billed monthly ($9.99 USD), annually ($100 USD) or every 2 years ($179 USD). Payments can be made in in USD, AUD, NZD, EUR and GBP.


The AirBolt GPS has a built-in e-sim and manages the connection for you. There are very good reasons for this. Think Quality of Service. Everything we do is about being customer centric. If there was an issue with your service, ask, who would you go to? Would you want to spend hours on the phone with a telco? Or would you just want one point of contact? With AirBolt GPS integrated e-sim you can sit back, and relax knowing that the AirBolt GPS has you covered.

AirBolt GPS will be able to connect to the app via Cellular and/or Bluetooth depending on the situation.

Unlike others, we don’t impose roaming restrictions or limitations. You can use the AirBolt GPS within any part of the network – which is also expanding rapidly!

The List of Countries include:








 Czech Republic


 Faroe Islands



















 New Zealand




 Puerto Rico

 Republic of Moldova


 Russian Federation



 South Korea







 United Kingdom (Limited Coverage)

 United States

More to come overtime. 

Before you can choose your subscription plan, you need to have an AirBolt GPS tracker which can be ordered here

AirBolt GPS
AirBolt GPS