New Airbolt® GPS

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Global LIVE Tracking


Up to 12 months battery life



Separation Alerts

Durable. Strong ABS + Rechargeable via USB-C Anodised Aluminium

Rechargeable via USB-C(included)

Water Alarm

Light Weight 21 grams(0.75oz)

Bluetooth Long Range + Direction Finding

Also talks to your AirBolt® Lock

Small Size 37mm x 34mm x 11mm

Alert Button


Temperature Sensor


Loud Buzzer

Future Proof with OTA updates

Perfect for Indoor & Outdoor Tracking

Everything lost is meant to be found

Over 10 million pets are lost each year in the United States alone.

It’s not just pets; we lose countless hours each year looking for lost possessions and the replacement costs are in the billions.


The AirBolt® GPS

AirBolt® GPS is the smart solution to all your tracking needs. When possessions or our dear pets go missing, the usual solutions just aren't good enough.

That's why we created The AirBolt® GPS, a GPS tracker perfect for every situation.

Something had to be done because...

Nothing else was good enough

Don't get us wrong, we tried with other off-the-shelf trackers. Most were too big, and the cat wouldn't wear them. A few were just the right size for the keys (barely), but with a battery life of ONLY a few days (if not a few hours). Having to charge every few hours or days was just too stressful, and we just couldn't be bothered to put the keys on charge or use a docking station that often.

After all, if we put our keys in the same place every time, we wouldn't be losing them, would we? Honestly, when it came to Bluetooth trackers, they just didn't cut it. Once our beloved pet or valuables were out of range, they were no good.

So we said...

It’s time to innovate

Just like when we created The AirBolt® - The Truly Smart Travel lock, we knew we had a problem to solve, and we wanted a tool to tick all the boxes. So, we took a good hard look at what people needed in a great GPS tracker. With every new design we created, it always came back to a few critical points:

GPS trackers need to be small

Alerts need to be customisable to what you are tracking

Friends and family should be able to share access

The GPS needs to be sturdy and weatherproof

Battery life must be extra long

The design needs to be discrete

Forget Bluetooth; we need a device we can track anywhere

Who needs more of those panicky "OMG WHERE IS MY....?" moments?

We're human; we misplace things; we have no idea how the keys got left in the fridge or where the cat has been all night. So, after a stressful night of searching for the cat and catching the bus the next morning because we couldn't find our keys, we knew something had to change.

We created a feature rich GPS

What we came up with is The AirBolt® GPS. This tracker is perfect. It's small, only 37mm x 34mm and VERY lightweight (approx. 21 grams, 0.75oz). This means it can be hung from a collar or slipped discreetly in a pocket or bag. Since we knew Bluetooth wouldn't cut it, we decided we needed to use GPS.
We took our tracking to the next level, however, by implementing location over LTE-M/NBIoT, a next-generation low-powered cellular network. This way we would have the perfect balance of indoor, outdoor, and nearby tracking. We then decided on an ever-growing network so we could track belongings globally.

World’s smallest GPS + LTE-M/NB-IoT tracker lasting up to 12 months per charge

OH! The AirBolt® GPS can even talk to the Award Winning AirBolt®: The Truly Smart Travel Lock.

It is easy control all your devices from the same place.

Gen 3 onwards

Fits into your life

It is easy control all your devices from the same place.

We are so proud of what The AirBolt® GPS can do. There are so many uses for every lifestyle that owning one just won't do!

The AirBolt® uses LTE-M/NBIoT & GPS with the capability to provide immediate and accurate location updates on demand. Our tracking range is global! Nearby tracking is also possible without subscription access, so you are never locked into subscriptions if you don’t want one!

Never lose your furry friends

Losing a pet is terrifying, so we designed the AirBolt® GPS to make lost pets a thing of the past. Track them anywhere, keep them safe, and put your mind at ease. Set up Geo-Fencing and Separation Alerts, so you will immediately know if they have left the vicinity. The alert button can send you a message if someone else finds your pet.

Keep track of your kids and their things

Use AirBolt® GPS on a child's backpack. Perfect for when they start walking to school themselves, keeping track of sports bags, or locating school items that are missing or forgotten. Check the tracker at school pickup and see if they've left their library bag behind. If your child gets lost, a quick press of the alert button sends you their location immediately.

Track purses, keys, bikes, luggage, the lot - anything

Not a morning person? Don't worry about leaving your bag on the train, track your items and set a proximity alarm to alert you if you move away from your tracked belongings.

You can even share access with your family, friends, colleagues or employees. Everyone can keep track of their own belongings. This is also a great safety feature when travelling alone - share your location with friends and family so they know you’re safe!

The options are endless

Track your equipment, gear or even drones with our small, and VERY lightweight device. The AirBolt®GPS is designed to be versatile and fit all your hobbies.

It’s so simple to set up

Monitor Tools, Vehicles and Equipment

Worried about your vehicles, tools or work equipment? The discrete size means you can place The AirBolt® GPS in your heavy vehicle, boat, trailer or toolbox without worry.

Monitor when your equipment is being used or borrowed and where it's going. Put one in your glovebox to remember where you parked. Place it inside expensive equipment cases. You can even set up a proximity alarm and geo-fence to alert you if something leaves your worksite.

Durable and Waterproof - Perfect for outdoors

Nature lover? The AirBolt® GPS is waterproof up to 1m (for 30minutes) with a built-in alert to let you know when it has been submerged. Give access to your AirBolt GPS and allow friends and family to know where you are surfing, hiking or camping.

Global Tracking Like it Was Meant to Be

Download The App

This is your passport to your AirBolts and will be how to track, manage, control, share and use your devices.

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