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There’s nothing better than peace of mind
and Going Premium, is, “Peace of Mind”!

Our AirBolt’s are built to last but there are some circumstances where things are not in your control. For example, water damage. It is for these unpredictable circumstances we have designed our warranty for.

AirBolt’s Travel Lock Premium Warranty Features

Accidental Damage

The AirBolt is designed to last however, should it have been damaged somehow, we have you covered.

Water Damage

Yes! You heard us, not many companies ever cover water damage, but we do! *

Lost AirBolt:

Somehow managed to lose your AirBolt and can’t retrieve it? It’s covered too!

Battery Coverage

Should the AirBolt battery show issues or not charge, yep, again, Premium Warranty has got your back!

Freedom: Choose any AirBolt!

Our warranty doesn’t have to be associated with a device. It can be used for any device in your account! Just select the tier according to the number of devices you want covered.

Extended Warranty

Your Standard Warranty is extended for as long as you have a valid subscription

Tier Information:

Our Tiers are simple. They dictate how many AirBolt’s in your account are covered under our warranty.
Our warranty doesn’t make you choose which AirBolt you want covered just how many you want covered in your plan. When anything happens which means you want to a claim, you decide then.

Tier 1

covers one AirBolt per year

Premium Warranty - Tier 1 - Monthly
Premium Warranty - Tier 1 - Yearly

Tier 2

covers two AirBolt’s per year

Premium Warranty - Tier 2 - Monthly
Premium Warranty - Tier 2 - Yearly

Tier 3

covers three AirBolt’s per year

Premium Warranty - Tier 3 - Monthly
Premium Warranty - Tier 3 - Yearly

Tier 4

covers four AirBolt’s per year

Premium Warranty - Tier 4 - Monthly
Premium Warranty - Tier 4 - Yearly

Tier 5

covers five AirBolt’s per year

Premium Warranty - Tier 5 - Monthly
Premium Warranty - Tier 5 - Yearly
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