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The Gift of Love

The Gift of Love

We try not to get wrapped up in every "Hallmark" gift-giving type of holiday, but we've got to admit, any holiday that is based upon a love a chocolate is one worth taking part in.

Beside chocolate, there is another way to show how much you love someone - and no, it's not diamonds... but there is something pretty sexy about a zinc body hugging your luggage with stainless steel arms.  Nothing says love like making sure your Valentine is traveling stressfree with crowd-sourced GPS, proximity alarms and the ability to see if their luggage made their flight.

Give your love the happiest Valentine's Day with an AirBolt.  We'll even give you 10%... that's a little bit of love from us to you.  Pass it on.  Use Code LOVE18 at checkout.

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AirBolt - Innovative Design

AirBolt - Innovative Design

We're on TV!  Airing October 28th on Channel Ten!

AirBolt has been recognised as a leading innovative design on Australia's newest design based TV show - Australia By Design Innovation is a brand new television series that aims to bring good design into the hearts and minds of Australians. Reminiscent of popular shows such as Beyond 2000 and The New Inventors, Australia By Design Innovation will feature eight different innovations in each episode, one or more of these innovations are
chosen to go through to the final episode to be featured as the top 10 best innovations of the year.

The final episode counts down the best top 10 innovations drawn from the series. It will be up to the show's expert panel of judges to decide which innovation will be declared Australia's top innovation of the year.Australia's leading innovation experts will be on the judging panel for the new television series Australia By Design Innovation, airing on TEN and ONE. The series featuring six episodes, each half an hour long, will showcase 40 of the best innovations and designs drawn from the national Good Design Awards - of which we wone a Good Design Award this year!

We can't wait to be part of this great program. Renowned Australian architect Tim
Horton has been announced as the series host for 2017.  He says, “Innovation at its most simple is about bringing an idea to market, but the power comes when you link design to creativity which allows that innovation to answer a need we didn’t know we had." Australia By Design Innovation will be airing on TEN from 2:00pm Saturday, October 28 and on ONE from 3.30pm Sunday October 29 for six consecutive weeks. 

Check out a sneak peek on our Facebook page! http://bit.ly/AB_2lfgND2